Apple iPhone X Sales Slump – Yet The Company’s Earning Report Impresses

Have you seen the new numbers this past quarter for the Apple iPhone X? To be blunt, they weren’t expected to be that great. The phone, while impressive, was said to be too expensive. It just wasn’t the best release to date by the company, yet the earnings report for Apple this past quarter was a surprise. The good surprise wasn’t all about the iPhone X, but the numbers weren’t so bad.Apple iPhone X Sales Report


The Highlights

The music streaming service that Apple provides was one of the highlights, helping to shore up profits for the heavy tech titan. Apple did quite well, all things considered, and they beat earning estimates. That being said, one quarter wasn’t really going to dent the company. Yet all eyes are still on Apple. After the impressive numbers, the company’s stance about their iPhone prices stayed rock solid.

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What’s Next?

You see, they think the phone is priced fairly. Granted, not everyone pays $1k for a new iPhone, as cellphone companies do provide deals. Yet that’s the cost of the latest iPhone at the standard level. What’s the company going to do next? Many companies are making their phones cheaper, and make no mistake about it, people are now using tablets more often. They don’t talk on the phone as much, and a tablet does what a phone does only with a bigger screen.

It will require a cultural shift for people to prefer a tablet over a phone, as texting is still king, even over social media in terms of communication. Yet there are apps for everything now. Granted, Apple has its iPad, but just like with the phone business, many other companies are involved. Apple has long been known to charge premium prices for their products, and maybe consumers are standing up in objection, at least a little.

The Problems

Otherwise, what is the big reason for the numbers slowing down for phone sales? It’s not the first time that Apple has charged too much for a phone. Is another company out there stealing the limelight? Are people opting for cheaper Android phones in general? You bet they are, and that is why the focus is on the phones. Yet of course Apple has it hands in all kinds of technology. The only problem is that Apple is so big and its stock price so high, that shareholders expect all the company’s ducks to be in a row, including phone sales.

If phone sales were to slump next quarter yet again, you can expect that the share price for Apple will drop below $150 and stay there for awhile. That doesn’t mean the company will do poorly in the future. Apple is primed for growth and has hundreds of billions in reserves to continue to pay dividends. Yet what the real takeaway here is that slumping numbers will cause the tech giant to switch focus to other industries and perhaps resolve that it’s time to cheapen up the iPhone, at least just a little. I don’t think they will worry about that too much if the consumers speak.

A Bitcoin Roth IRA Nest Egg For Retirement

Would You Like To Set Up A Roth IRA In Bitcoin For Retirement?

When you set up a Roth IRA, you think of a long-term investment, one you are making for retirement and for generations to come. That being said, a Bitcoin Roth IRA is an option, but is Bitcoin a safe bet long-term? That’s an interesting question. It had been going up, up and away, but it has been dipping lately. As with any investment that you want to be in, it’s supposed to be a buy on the dip, but do you need to confident in your investment. Are you confident in Bitcoin for your IRA?

Why Is Bitcoin Valuable For Investors
SALT LAKE CITY, UT – APRIL 26: A pile of Bitcoins is shown here after Software engineer Mike Caldwell minted them in his shop on April 26, 2013, in Sandy, Utah. Bitcoin is an experimental digital currency used over the Internet that is gaining in popularity worldwide. (Photo by George Frey/Getty Images)

Bitcoin has made a lot of people a lot of money, and so it has been an investment that has worked out. However, some people are talking about a Bitcoin bubble. Is it something you would have to be worried about? What about the fact that not only is the price of Bitcoin on a downward trend, but the other crypto-currencies are also on a downward trend?

That might not be so unsettling to some people if the crypto-currencies were regulated. However, they aren’t regulated, and they also aren’t money that you can hold in your hands. If you think about it though, most people don’t hold regular money in their hands very often these days anyway. So does that mean Bitcoin isn’t such a risky investment?

What about setting up a Bitcoin IRA? If you decide to do it, will any IRA investment company that handles IRAs do crypto for you? The answer is no, but there are plenty of companies that will. If you set up an IRA in Bitcoin, do you only have to invest in Bitcoin, or can you invest in Bitcoin as just one of your investments? You have both options, and so you can do it however you like.

Cryptocurrency IRA Diversification And Long-Term Investing

They tell you not to put all of your eggs in one basket, so you certainly want to keep that in mind. What percentage of your IRA should be allocated to Bitcoin and the rest to other crypto-currencies? Each individual has to decide that for him or herself. However, if you want help deciding, a financial adviser can certainly talk to you about what you are going to do next in regards to your IRA.

When you do set up Bitcoin in IRA, are you able to transfer an existing IRA or 401k? Yes, you can, and you will want to get all of the details if you decide to go this route. Are you familiar with any of the companies that allow you to set up a Bitcoin Roth IRA? You are going to want to see which one you want to set up an account with.

How much money are you wanting to turn into Bitcoin? Are you going to mine any Bitcoin? What about the potential of an Ethereum IRA? The whole transferring money into Bitcoin can make you a little bit nervous, right? Every investment does come with a risk, but you will have to decide if the Bitcoin risk if for you or not. Are you willing to move forward with a Bitcoin Roth IRA and see if the investment appreciates?

How A Numerology Calculator For Names Can Help You Work Efficiently

How Using A Numerology Calculator For Names Can Help You Work Faster

Numerology is a fascinating hobby. Being able to take a glimpse into the future by simply calculating and interpreting numbers and symbols is something amazing. You can tell many things about people by calculating the numbers corresponding to their names with a proper numerology name calculator. However, this ancient divination method requires a lot of patience, focus, perseverance, and creativity.

The calculation itself is the thing that takes the most time. In order to calculate the number of a name, you have to know the numbers of all characters, and then add them carefully. This is a very laborious job, so there’s plenty of room for error. You can easily imagine that even the slightest mistake will influence the end result of your endeavor, as you’ll be applying the numerology principles and interpretations to a totally different person. This is why good numerologists have to check and double-check their calculations before moving on to the interpretation part of the process. They know that even the tiniest mistake will ruin their entire work, so they are extremely careful in everything they do.

This work becomes much easier when you use a numerology calculator for names. This software program or mobile app will enable you to simply enter a name into a box, and then obtain its corresponding number almost instantly. If you have to calculate several names per day, you can see how this tool can save you a lot of time. You can find a much better use for all these hours by investing them into refining your interpretations and enhancing your visionary skills. If you are serious about providing numerology services, you should consider finding such tools to help you improve your productivity and your work efficiency. The faster you’ll be able to complete your projects, the more profitable your activity is going to be. Use the power of the search engines to narrow down your options, and you should know that a company like Absolute Summit can help you maximize your potential.

A numerology calculator for names has the great advantage of being accurate in each and every instance of using it. Since the algorithm applied is always the same, the program is virtually error-free, whether you use it on very short names or on longer ones. Your only concern will be to avoid typos, as the app is going to do all the math for you. This is the fastest and the most accurate method of doing numerology calculations.


When searching for the best numerology calculator (, you should make sure you compare multiple options. In addition, you should probably set your priorities from the very beginning. For instance, if you need your calculator to perform batch operations, you may not want to use one that requires you to enter one name at a time. On the contrary, if you prefer to focus on one single client at a time, you may not need bulk processing features. This could save you some money, as such feature are usually part of premium software programs and apps. You are the one who knows best what are the must-have features of this tool, so you should choose it accordingly.

Advice For Buying Covers For Apple iPhone 8

How To Buy A Great & Protective Cover For The iPhone 8

With so many covers for the iPhone 8, deciding which one to get can be difficult. However, we have put together some advice that can help you choose the right covers for your device. Continue to read on to find out what that advice is.

There are many brands that make iPhone 8 covers and you should know what some of the top ones are. Of course, there are official Apple covers, which are produced by the company itself. However, some of the other popular brands include Zizo Wireless, LifeProof, OtterBox, Tech21, Mophie, and Modal.

Do keep in mind these are only a few of the well-known brands. Feel free to buy covers from brands that are lesser known. Just make sure the retailer you are buying your iPhone 8 covers from is reputable and known for selling quality covers.

Choosing The Right Color
When it comes to colors, you’ll be pleased to know that iPhone 8 covers are available in many colors, including clear, black and rose gold. Other colors include pink, brown, gray and green to name a few. There’s also covers available in multi-color.

Choose a case in the color that appeals to you the most or suits your individual style. If you have a hard time deciding on which color to go with, then go ahead and purchase a few cases in different colors. This is a great way to keep things interesting because then you can swap covers on a regular basis or whenever you get bored of having the same colored case.

Price Range
You’ll be surprised at how cheap or expensive iPhone 8 covers are sold for, so make sure you decide how much you’re willing to spend before shopping around for a cover. Also, just because a case is sold at a low price doesn’t mean it’s of low quality. Price shouldn’t be the main deciding factor when choosing a cover for your device, but it is one of the top factors.

Generally speaking, covers can be found for as low as $10 and for as much as $50 or higher. Browse a few covers and then you can decide which ones to get. Regardless of what your budget is, you should have no problems finding the right case for you at the right price.

Finally, let’s not forget about features because you want to choose a cover that has the features you want. For example, if you want to protect your phone in the event you drop it, then consider getting a cover that is shock resistant or shock absorbent. There’s also scratch resistant covers, which is ideal for those who want to protect their covers from getting scratched.

iPhone 8 concept

Some covers come equipped with a belt clip too. Others might have a play-through design, integrated stand, and an on/off switch. Decide which features are the most important to you and then go from there.

When it comes to buying and choosing covers for the Apple iPhone 8, you want to decide which brands you should get and what color you want your covers in. Features and price range are other things to consider. All you have to do now is start shopping around for iPhone covers, but do keep the above advice in mind.